Raleigh Car Restoration and Customization
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1935 Chevy Coupe


Front and rear: Replace existing brakes with new Wilwood brake system.

Repair area on firewall below master cylinder where brake fluid had lifted the paint: paint firewall. On Wilwood brake system: install parking brake system by adding Wilwood parking brake to rear wheels. Fabricate and install new rear brake lines. Plumb in new Wilwood proportioning valve. Fabricate and install new front brake lines,isntall new brakeline clamps, check brake coils; all brake connections are tight and do not leak. Check and adjust Wilwood parking brake. Install rebuilt rear differential: remove old differential and install new customer provided differential, top off with correct gear oil. Install new oil cooler lines & fittings, install 1/8 NPT stainless steel plug in master cylinder, re-bleed brakes, adjust proportioning valve. Test drive, adjust proportioning valve. Test drive, and discover that e-brake hits chassis: customer authorizes repair. Trim off brake extension, test drive, adjust parking brake, test drive, re-adjust parking brake, check wheels by spinning. All work performed checks out. Deliver the car.

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