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Description: Diagnose starter issue, check flywheel to see if any teeth are ground off. Work with ignition switch-bad switch. Owner reports that prior to bring car in for service that it stopped running on highway which may be possible vapor lock. Check horn on banjo wheel-not working prior to service; also 3rd mounting screw on steering wheel is stripped. Engine bay lock release cable difficult to operate. Possibly need resistor in-line for air conditioner since car will keep running after key is off. Windshield wiper arm needs clip for clip for wiper blade. Headlight adjuster screws need springs.

Work diagnosed and performed in shop: Remove and replace starter, check flywheel by turning over engine 1 full revolution, all teeth present on flywheel.

Fix horn, remove steering wheel, clean threads, replace stripped bolt with longer allen head bolt, replace other two bolts with longer allen head bolts.

Remove and install new ignition switch, check ignition switch 6 times, starts vehicle every time without fail. Remove headlight and check for springs on adjuster, which are present, adjust headlight adjuster screws so they are set against springs. Will need adjustment at night. Check windshield wipers-need different wipers-need different wiper arms with hook that bolt on. Test drive car-checks out. 

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