1962 VW Kombi Van 

Restoration in progress...


Jobs performed:

Complete body restoration included: complete disassembly, remove old paint, repair rust, body work, put in primer, finish body work, prime, prep for paint, tape and paint. Prep interior for paint. Assembly, install windows, seals, wiper. Door and window seals for instalation, Binswanger glass front doors, assembly passenger and driver side window frame installation, signal lites, aluminium front grab bar.

Interior: seat fabrication, steel seat fabrication, interior build out.

Make after market sunroof: layout for roof, grind roof, paint, hole cut in roof, cut top hat, final front cut. Set front and rear header bow, square roof, tack weld roof in. Bow metal work, drill holes for welds, fitment, layout, grind, weld corners, sliding mechanism. Next: Interior...