1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible


Work done:

Body work and paint including:

Paint rods body color. Remove engine brackets, media blast, plaint, clear coat. 

Install windshield: install and polish stainless, molding, windshield, side. Install window trim. Set door, remove fender, prepare engine for installation. Body work to fit rear bumper caps and rear valence. Assembly passenger door, rebuilt hinge, install & polish door. Set and align passenger door.

Rebuild door hinge. Assembly car: prepare places on driver side lower rocker for paint, prepare panels for installation, sand & buff fenders & doors. Assembly driver side door, put on rebuilt hinge, install door. 8608 ditz, 90011 ppg, single stage paint to taste. Install latch. Assembly front fender passenger side. Sand, polish & install rear caps. Mount front headlights. Assembly front end/ fit front valence. Right front fender fitment, prepare paint semigloss black under side fender. Paint underside off passenger fender semigloss black. Refashion valence mountings, check and clean gaps on driver side fender. Firewall insulation, accelerator, steering cover, install engine. Fabricate & weld in driver rear support. Adjust driver door height. Hang exhaust, weld exhaust mount, weld seat belts mounts. Prepare interior for paint white. 

Wet sand & polish car. Install front and rear bumpers. Put on door seals. Install moldings.