Customer brought this 1965 Mustang that belonged to his dad's and then to him when he was in high school. This car has a lot of wonderful memories and now his daughter wants to drive it, (three generations).

At some point in time the car stopped running, could not find anybody that could work on the car until now 😊.

 We are going to bring it back to life!!

1965 Mustang P&J (front).jpg

Work performed: Disc brake conversion, dismount tires/clean interior, remove old master cylinder, remove fuel tank/install tank,p/s cylinder, brake adjustment, brake lines, install u-joints, install new brake lines, bleed brakes, brake valve, drove, polished. Speedo cable, rad;, hoses; degrease blast paint wheels/ snorkels, grease fittings. Install valve covers, breather, plug wires, install electric choke conversion, new battery cables, new vacuum, advance line to distributor.