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1965 GT Ford Mustang Coupe, 289 V8 Automatic

Description: Complete diagnostic of the car; compression check. Performed tune up: distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, put windshield wipers on, review electrical system and all lights, align the bumpers, remove and replace exhaust, replace points, condenser, cap, rotor, wires, coil, refashion coil wires, replace ignition switch, ignition cylinder, install door panels, front quarter interior, rear seat interior panels, install door handles, door pull, install tank and e-brakes, run ability problems, carburetor off: clean and adjust, install new distributor and coil. Install carburetor, horns, accelerator pedal, switch choke, install heater switch, fix leaky tire, install mirror, attach door handles, brake lights, turn signal rear. Engine diagnosis: not running right, engine out, engine rebuilt by machine shop. Engine assembly, sand blast and paint brackets, paint flex plate, fix thermostat housing, fan on engine, bypass hose on, oil pressure switch and adapter, distributor, carburetor on, torque converter on, radiator in, transmission lines on, fuel filter in, oil filter on, get running. Replace heater core, fix rear taillight, check wiring, fix heater switch, adjust headlights. Test drive!

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