1966 Bronco

Car is in process of complete body restoration.


Work done so far: Strip paint off body; sandblast frames, window frames, hood, body, doors, (outer and inner), prepare for etching primer. Remove engine and transmission from car. Dissasemble and inspect tranfer case with both tapered bearing and inner needle bearing of rear output shaft . Hone inside area of rear output shaft and mating pilot shaft. Replace front output shaft tappered bearings and rear output shaft inner bearings. Set correct preload of both output shafts. Replace both selectors shaft seals, inspection of cover gasket and both output shaft housing gaskets. Remove all selective shims of front output shaft rear housing and apply silicon sealants. Check unit for shifting, shits smoothly in and out 2 high, 4 low, and 4 high. Drop off transfer case to rebuilder.

Install driver side rear quarter. Clean, power wire wheel underneath, scrape grease, sand, degrease, wire wheel chassis and frame. Metal work passenger side rear, quarter panel, fender, driver side front floor pan metal work. Placement of side metal for floor, fit up of inner and outer rocker and floor where it meets firewall. Set with screws. Prepare passenger side for new metal by removing all old metal floor and inner and outer rocker by cutting the spot, weld and grindung off the metal; remove passenger side fender, grind bolts holding fender on. Placement of passenger side metal for floor, need new floor brace, lay in floor, inner and outer rocker. passenger side metal work, screwing panels after placement, also fit out passenger side door, fitment of door, order new fender. Grind off inside engine compartment, degrease front axle.

Paseenger and drive side doors skin replacement: weld up holes, prepare for door skin, clean inside with wire wheel, paint etching primer. Mount doors skin. Install panel where truck was in accident on driver side inner wheel/engine compartment; metal work on driver side where accident occurred, fitting up inner fender/engine bay piece, cutting out rust, fabricate metal fill-in. Fit up of doors and fenders, prepare for welding them on, drill holes for welds, b pillar holes. Fix b pillar driver side, grind welds, prime, weld rear fenders on. Weld inner rocker, weld front of rear fender, check door gap; weld driver side rocker. Mount fenders, fit new grill to fenders, weld driver side rocker, grind welds on floor. Radiator mount location, mount radiator, weld in radiator supports; mount engine mounts, check engine dimensions, fit antenna and drill hole for antena.

Body work on rear half of truck, top of rear tub, rear fenders, rear caps apply, block and sand. Body work: rear tub of bronco exterior, rear quarters, front of car, doors areas, grind and prepare inside panels and around welded edge, grind welds on driver side pan front under pedals. Weld behind tail lights, grind welds inside bed on top of fenders; grind, sand, weld, wire brust deb bottom, prepare for etching primer 2 coats. Body work, straighten out panels, block and prime. Prepare for paint. Body off frame, prepare for paint, power wash frame, clean and paint. Unbolt engine from pallet, install engine into chassis. Paint body undercoat underneath. Place chassis on moving stand, paint.

Suspension build, remove and replace rear axle from springs. Install new bushings and bolts, mount new springs. Install rear brakes on rear differential, begin assembly passenger front. Install: front breaks, coil springs, shocks, passenger and driver side radius arm "C" bushings, stabilizer arm bushings, install bump stops. Paint chasis black. Prepare engine compartment for matte black, mount steering box.