Raleigh Car Restoration and Customization


Description of work performed: Compression check, get running, install new gas tank, work on electronic ignition lock. rebuild brake drums. Replace: spark plugs, front wheel seals, fuel pump, oil pump, distributor cap, distributor rotor, shocks, carburetor, alternator, rear seal, timing chain, water pump, alternator belt. Set the timing. 
Degrease & power wash car underneath. Install timing gear kit. Test drive, runs well.
Prepare car for metal, body work and paint. Sand off paint, prepare car for primer, paint body with primer, prepare fenders for paint. Sand edges, cut out rust. Disassemble seats, remove carpet. Metal work: replace and weld in passenger & drive side floors, clean under fender. Prepare, cut and weld in metal area behind rear wheels and rear fender behind rear wheels. Driver side rear quarter: body work, straighten, grind and weld after repair, filling with metal piece. Fix holes in driver rear interior quarter. Primed and painted! Next: Engine rubuild....