Raleigh Car Restoration and Customization
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Wheels: remove, sand blast, etching primer, paint and re-mount tires. Fix front bumper and front bumper mount. Engine compression. Gas tank: remove, drain, clean and re-install it.

Carb disk soak. Replace brake master cylinder, check pressure cooling system. Diagnose & repair starter circuit, flash fuel pump, flush fuel system. Replace rear wheel brake cylinder, replace rear brake hose change: differential fluid, transmission fluid, new universal joint, driver shaft. Replace and install:  front disc break and disc wheels, new hose front disc brake, master cylinder, spar plug, NGK, resistor type, stud, disc wheels, brake hose, washer, copper, oil seal, u-joint, valve covers, breather, plug wires, electric choke conversion, new battery cables, new vacuum advance line to distributor, carburetor work- needed power valve. Assembly & install front caliber rotors. Install new front rear brakes, driver shift. Install new rear drums, new wheel cylinder, water pump, carburetor fuel line, install rad and front belt, heater, antifreeze. Bleed brakes. Electric sorting: fix running lights, head lights, brake lights and turn signals.

Test drive. It runs great!

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