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Job performed: wiring diagnostic: open harness burnt aproximately 3 feet. Replace harness, engine compartment. Front end suspension rebuild. Fix: headlights, gas line, electrical; wiring, hood props,

st. solenoid, horn. Remove and install new rotors, check for brake leak, install copper washers. Lights, ground, wiring sorted, remove drive shaft, sort pinion. Front to rear brake libe + 3 fittings, weld exhaust. Install seal in pinion, fit exhaust, check for leaks, weld exhaust, key swith on, reassemble dash, install gauges, install exhaust handers. Install new rear brake line, clean drums, paint check hand brake. Install new wheel cylinder on passenger side, install new brake shoes; clean and paint backing plates. Finish assembly brakes passenger side, aseemble driver side, new shoes. Brake work, needs new ebrake cables. Bleed brakes. Alignment. Replace convertible top. Install passenger and driver sides mirrors. Install seat belts. Test drive. Replace fuel filter, adjust hand brake; road test. Runs well!

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