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1979 Chevy Camaro


Description: Install battery, disassemble engine for removal, engine out on ground, engine on stand, install rear seal, clean out old epoxy

Oil pump, pan tray, dipstick, fix with epoxy block crackclean up poxy and paint blue, pan on, flex plate on. Replace transmission seals, plugs, valve cover gaskets, transmission pan, oil pump, pan tray, dip stick, fix with epoxy block crack pinion seal, door panel, adjust rear exhaust.

Replace transmission line and fill it with fluid, install clips for fuel line, fabricate brake line, tie brake lines.

Bleed brakes, tie wires at starter, degrease differential. Test alternator, remove and  install new alternator. Valley pan repair, sort wiring.

Install engine,  heads on, exhaust. Getting running. Test drive.

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