1991.5 Dodge W250 4x4 diesel 

Job performed:

Remove interior and start prepping and cutting floors for new metal floor pans, for metal work on driver side. Driver side inner rocker replacement, driver side rocker replacement, weld up driver side/inner & outer rocker. Weld in brace. Floor installation. Cut & clean passenger side cab mount, weld in floor. Metal to metal filler on rocker. Body work. Rebuild front disc brakes: brake work, prime & paint hub, install new races and bearings in front hubs. Rebuild brakes/hub/bearings. Remove & replace: steering box, remove/cut bad power steering lines. Remove & replace pitman arm, degrease, paint pitman arm, clean degrease media blast mounting plate. Clean degrease paint tie rod link. Remove & replace tie rod ends. Remove & replace steering box, replace bad shaft nut, clean threads. Replace with Mopar pitman nut, install new high pressure line, install new master cylinder: remove & replace master cylinder after bench bleed. Bleed brakes; rebuild steering coupler: disassemble, degrease and sand blast, paint. Final assembly, wheels on,  alignment, power steering fluid, wheel lug nuts on, set steering wheel. Test drive, checks out. Car was picked up.

Customer brought back this truck for more work: repair rusty holes on bed.