1961 Porsche 356 Roadster

D. MAW 356 Roa (4).jpg



Job performed:

1. Media blast and degrease drums, repack front bearings with new degrease. 2. Replace front brake hoses, install safety wire on front drums. 3. Adjust all 4 breaks.4. Install E brake boot and accelerator boot.5. Install dual zone master cylinder(current m/c) 6. Tighten up front end. 7.Install 6 sway bar bushing, paint sway bar 8. Review/inspect and replace front and rear light wiring. 9. Install 4 new shocks. 10. Remove, media blast, sand and paint 4 shocks 11. Degrease front end. 12. Adjust valves, included in tune up, new cap, rotor, fuel hose to engine, wires check distributor on sun machine, clean and solder sump plate.13. Install straps for e brakes cables. 14. Install transmission seal boot/ safety wire. 15. Sync carburetors, set timing top off transmission, steering box, grease reset door pull handles both doors, repaint underside of engine lid. 16. Replaced shift bushings.