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1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Initial diagnostic: replace starter, engine mounts off, pan off (straighten and paint). Install water pump, change hubs, fill with coolant, fill transmission; fix coil ( installed incorrectly), remove tranny, torque converter leaking; degrease and paint cross member, set timing; clean and service transmission; install new output shaft seal; modulator seal, torque converter seal, install tranny paint cross member, transmission in, check over bolts, check for leaks, underside sorting, bolts marked, adjust timing; change tranny pans; weld up shock mount, adjust parking brake, check for leaks, fix parking brake handle hole, test drive, tighten steering.

Install power steering (p/s) pump, dip stick and diagnosis, why it overflowed, dip stick leaking, test drive, rebent, install pan gasket & dip stick tube, r&r p/s pump and test, new clamps on p/s low pressure hose, reset timing, distributor does not advance, set idle air crews. Transmission leaks. Install oil cooler, gear reduction starter, distributor, efi, wiring, sniper, oil cooler (sorting and tuning), make shield, test and tune install shield. Test drive!

 Parts installed: Starter, engine mounts (2), water pump, oil pan gasket, oil filter, oil, spark plugs (8), transmission seals, collector gasket, transmission pan and gasket, dipstick tube, transmission fluids, power steering pump, rubber grommet for valve cover, vacuum actuator for transmission, pan gasket, hose, starter, fuel pump block off, spark plug wire, spacer for sniper on manifold, fuel pressure gauge with fittings.

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