Work done so far: Remove paint. Remove/unbolt fenders. Free up water pump, change battery, remove carburetor, dissasembly, clean and reassemble; check fuel line, attach auxilary  gas tank, check distributor, celan points, check spark plugs, clean spark plugs, re-install. Get car running!

Sand and prepare body for etching primer; fix tires.

Remove body off frame, prepare chassis for paint, sand and tape off chasis. Prepare and paint chasis black, prepare and paint fenders parts, install wheels. Remove hinch pin on doors, weld on door bottom, weld bottom on door, grind welds, fill with all metal. Start working on body:  Metal work on back of cab, finish front on body, grey cowl section. Strip firewall and etching prime,  grey primer with black stripes; body work on doors, weld hole in cab. keep doing body work on cab and doors, blocking door and body, prepare for primer.