Raleigh Car Restoration and Customization
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Description: Customer brought in the car for some rust and body repairs but when we start removing the paint the body showed a lot of rust, therefore the owner decided to buy a new body instead of repairing the old one.

Work performed so far:  Disassembly body, lift body off frame, clean chassis, Roloc disc frame, sand frame, grind welds; sand, prepare frame, etching primer; paint body olive drab green. Place body on chassis for fitment. Paint jeep parts; remove body for paint. Install windshield, front fenders. Work of transmission, get running. Check for leaks. Mount body on frame, bolt body on, make surround for tranny, tunnel cover, tranny cover and tunnel surround cover paint, transfer parts. Sand blast grill, prime and paint. Transfer over seat and weld it weld on. Bolt on and mount front grill and radiator support, strip and paint, mount top bows, body mount. Mount rear spare tire mount, gas can holder, driver mirror. Windshield in frame with rubber; passenger side seat post, rebuild, new bottom welded in, mount grab handles, mount for shovel; install steering column. Prepare and paint seats and body handles. Install dash gauges. Install fuel line, handbrake, throttle cable. Get running. Install headlights, starter circuit, install tranny shield, taillights, seats, gas tank straps, shift cover, footrest, tie down battery, rear seat, assembly of interior items, rear lights and brake lights, hook up starter, misc. wiring, hand brake, bolts in body, exhaust hanger, final assembly. Rebuild carb, fix accelerator pump, install fuel pump, wiring and switch. Generator test-ok; voltage regulator test, wiring check, amp check-ok; bad v regulator. Install fuel pump and wiring and switch. Test drive!

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