Work performed: remove engine and put it on stand, degrease engine compartment. Tape off and prepare engine compartment for paint. Fabricate and weld cowl piece, fix rust hole. Paint engine compartment, weld in metal pieces, fill rust, pull tape off engine compartment and install hood. Prepare for engine installation, clean engine, paint engine, fix broken stud on valve cover, install valve cover gasket, prepare engine bay, start a/c installation. Install engine. Full injection installation.  Flex plate torqued to flywheel, hood hinge bolt, weld nut, need to tap, run fuel lines, hoop up wiring for FI 02 sensor installed, spark plugs installed, FI installed, engine assembly, oil change, engine running, weld, fix broken bolt on engine. License plate bracket, top off fluids, tranny leaks diagnostic, wiring in engine bay alternator research, run computer to interior. Install new alternator, trouble shoot, fitech power source. Rear quarter panel repair passenger side, quarter panel repair and inner rear fender, passenger rear quarter finish weld, body work on rear quarter, grind out rust spot, body work, weld hole, prime. Repair rust holes and bubbles on passenger rear quarter, weld on passenger rear inner fender and outer fender, trunk weld, body filler for rear, body work on rear quarter, prime and paint, clean up, pull tape, wash, 5000 grit.