Raleigh Car Restoration and Customization

1952 MGTD

WORK PERFORMED SO FAR: Disassemble carbs, compression check, rebuild carbs, install carbs, manifold and gasket. Carb adjustment and timing. Strip paint of fuel tank, fix dents, paint, wet sand and polish fuel tank; fix fuel sender unit; install rubber pads, remove stop and filter, prepare and weld in bungs, grind, install new carbs, transfer over hardware and linkage. Filler neck weld in, lead gas tank, prepare for paint, prime and paint gas tank, fix tan leaks, solder, change sender mounts, check for leaks, finish installation, connect wires, fix exhaust tip, fix exhaust rattle, install new hanger, prepare for tuning, finish assembly, fix door latch, finish tuning, check hood, check valve lash. Parts: carb rebuild kit and two floats, engine gaskets, bungs, fittings and t-nuts.