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Description: Remove and replace rear differential pinion seal. Remove and replace transmission pan gasket. Diagnose and repair fuel gauge/sending unit. Diagnose and repair horn. Diagnose and repair turn signal indicator circuit, Install driver and passenger lap belts. Remove and replace steering knuckle. Check a/c mount and fabricate support, remove existing support on windshield turn screw. Close and anchor tight cowl vent in front  of windshield. Check gauge back lights. Sand paint of back doors, rear doors body work, prime and paint. Repair rear valence, grind down body work rear bumper, repair holes where bumper brackets exit body. Fix rear metal valence, weld in bracket areas. Body work on rear valence and fender. Paint rear valence and fender. Drill out bumper mounting bolts, paint bumper brackets, undercoat rear, install bumpers, wet sand and polish doors. Touch up and polish indicated scratches. Replace fan switch, install new spark plugs, diagnose ignition miss, install new accel wires. Test drive.

Parts replaced: new fan switch, accel spark plug wire set, 8 spark plugs, radiator hose. 

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