1976 PORSCHE 912E WITH 1983 911 3.0 ENGINE


Work performed: Compression check, ok; remove and clean plugs, diagnostic: fuel/spark, remove and install cdi box, adjust clutch, spring on. Rebuild parking brakes. Test drive. Dissassemble rear passenger side axle, remove old bearing, install new bearing, reassemble rear brakes, readjust parking brake. Oil change, adjust heater cable, change fan belt. Fix odometer, change bulbs, remove  speedometer and sent for calibration. Install speedometer. Road test. Rebuild pedal assembly, install new bronze bushing, r and r pedal assembly. Install new shift busshing in tranmission shifter. Install new tires, mount and balance. Install tubes on rear wheels because they are porous, perfomed rutine review of underside-minor leaks, various locations. Test road. Replace window frame felt, fix door handle, replace broken cable, replace door window on body. Diagnose pedal assembly, order spring, replace bults in speedometer, tighten bolts on door return.