Connor Murray


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Mr. Nelson did an awesome job on my 58 Thunderbird. I cant say it enough how happy I am with the service he provided me. He explained everything up front of what he recommended or was going to do to my car. He fixed my car ahead of schedule. He provided pictures and went step by step with what he did to my car. He knows his stuff when it comes to classic cars! The only mechanic I will use on my car. Couldn't be happier with his professionalism, communication, price for services provided, and the work he did on my car. The best!

Thomas Bass


I was introduced to Tom about a year ago through an ad that I saw about his business on Raleigh craigslist. I contacted him about an MG that I have that had been sitting in a field for over ten years. The tires were flat and dry rotten, the convertible top was torn in several places, the engine would not start, the lights were not working, the brakes were not working, the gas tank contained trash, the front bumper was barely connected to the car, along with other repairs that needed to be done as well. After sending pictures of the car over to Tom he instructed me to get the car to him so that he could check it out. I had the car towed to his shop. Within a short period of time Tom contacted me with a list of repairs that needed to be made and estimates for those repairs. During the course of those repairs Tom would send me updates as well as pictures of the repairs. Watching my car be restored and brought back to life again was truly magical. Tom did an absolutely outstanding job with restoring the car and driving it is a real joy. Tom is truly a professional at what he does. He makes you feel like you are part of the process and does not rush the work but takes his time to make sure that it’s done right. The customer service at TJ Auto is truly outstanding and Tom and his wife Nancy are such a great team. I definitely recommend TJ Auto to anyone who is restoring their car or to anyone who is in need of auto repairs.

Andrew Harvey


If you own a classic or vintage car, this is the place to go. Tom is extremely knowledge and a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to consult and discuss options before proceeding. Can’t say enough good things and as long as I own a classic car, this is where I will be taking it.




I started talking with Tom over email and then dropped off my 67 Camaro to his shop. He understands these cars and makes certain your classic is in good hands by being extra cautious. Tom understands these cars are precious to their owners and goes over the car with you before you leave. A great professional that will diagnose the issue and call before ordering parts and will leave your defective parts to show. This is an honest man that cares. You can't ask for anything more except that i want to have this type of person as a friend. Tom and his wife are truly the best. Thank you!!

Billy Tyndall


Positive: Professionalism, Quality

After my classic 1979 camaro went through a lengthy lawsuit with another repair shop who damaged the engine and caused major leakage in the vehicle, Tom Nelson and his crew at TJ Auto repaired all the problems and made it right! The car now runs great, is leak-free. and I'm beyond ecstatic! Tom and his wife were extremely professional. I would recommend TJ Auto for anyone who needs rebuilds or repairs. They do a thorough job and actually know what they are doing! Thanks again TJ Auto!

Matthew Lasher


​I started talking with Tom over email and then dropped off my 67 Camaro to his shop. He understands these cars and makes certain your classic is in good hands by being extra cautious. Tom understands these cars are precious to their owners and goes over the car with you before you leave. A great professional that will diagnose the issue and call before ordering parts and will leave your defective parts to show. This is an honest man that cares. You can't ask for anything more except that i want to have this type of person as a friend. Tom and his wife are truly the best. Thank you!!​


Mike Ruck


Tom is a rare find. He’s a craftsman in the old school way. He is patient, kind, a great listener and does superior work. There are several shops in Raleigh that I had visited and/or called to get some work done on my 1964 Imperial. One shop I stopped at had a sign discouraging walk ins. It stated that walk-ins are welcome as long as they bring a good bottle of whiskey or are wanting to clean the shops toilets. This was not someone I would ever consider doing business with let alone touch my car. One of the other shops simply told me to check back in 18 months. Ugh. The Imperial has been in my family since 1965 and is a family treasure. I am somewhat mechanically inclined but there are certain jobs I want to be done by a professional. I heard about TJ through several friends who have classics and have worked with Tom at TJ. All three people had great things to report in their dealings with Tom. I stopped in unannounced during lunch. Tom greeted me and gave me thirty minutes of time about what I was looking for and my wishes for the car. He’s a great listener and my first impression was very positive. I made an appointment to bring the car by. He documented everything with photos and kept me in the loop as he got into the car and laid out options for repair based on what he found. Every car is different and once you open the can there is no telling what you will find in a 55-year-old vehicle. Again, Tom gets it. He listens, lays out options then executes the work. As it should be. I now consider Tom a friend and can recommend you speak with him about your classic. His wife and business partner is as nice as Tom. Great people!

Paul Hageman


​I bought a 356 from Tom and Nancy and couldn't be happier with the car or the experience. They were honest, reasonable and easy to deal with throughout the process. Upstanding business that knows what they're doing.



Greg Lowman


It was a true pleasure working with Tom and Nancy on the purchase of a 1961 356 coupe that they completely restored. They were extremely informative throughout the process answering any questions along the way and sharing many photos of the restoration process. Tom's focus on all the details of the restoration can be seen through the finished product and the car exceeded my expectations. They were and continue to be very quick to answer any questions and educate me on these great classic cars. If you are looking to work with honest people that have a passion for high quality restoration of vintage Porsche, I recommend working with them.




I took my 67 Karmann Ghia in to repair a clutch cable tube that had broken free of its welds. Upon arriving at the shop, the owners greeted me and were very welcoming, and even gave me a tour of the shop and all the gorgeous 356's they were restoring. I'm a through and through air-cooled-aholic, so seeing those Porsches was very cool. As for my car, they had originally estimated several days for the repair. The next day to my surprise, I received a call that my car was ready to go. I think since I had mentioned in passing that it was my daily car, that they bumped it to the front of the line, which was incredibly considerate. The work was above and beyond what I was expecting, the cost for the work was very fair, and my car is running and driving great. I'll definitely be taking my car back in the future for metalwork and bodywork repairs.



Tom and Nancy are great people and do terrific work. If you are ever in his shop, ask him for a tour of what he is working on-he has an amazing talent and is very thorough. Even though Tom specializes in Porsches, he serviced my '72 Triumph Spitfire and did a great job in fixing up all the things that I could not. On occasion I would stop by to see Tom and he would give me guidance and advice on how to fix little things on the vehicle, at no charge, which was sincerely appreciated. When I can afford it, I will be buying on of his beautiful Porsches from him one day!

Eric Gaukel


Tom has taken expert care of my Wife’s ’71 Chevelle. His breadth and depth of automotive experience is immediately evident and we appreciate his considered approach to problem solving and exploring the best options to realize the optimum performance of her classic car. Tom always takes the time to answer questions and educate us about the best way to enjoy and maintain this beautiful vehicle. He and his Wife are truly wonderful people and it is always a pleasure for our Family to visit them at their shop!



Most detailed restorations I have ever seen. Period correct everything. Knows air cooled Porsches better than anyone.

I visited TJ Auto and checked out this 356 today. I can tell the BAT community that the car appears to be everything it is represented to be. I think Tom not only did a great job in this resto, but he is also deep into two other 59 coupes and a 58 cab, among several other interesting projects. His subject matter expertise was obvious. I felt compelled to share my overall very positive impression on the car and the builder with potential bidders.

TJ Auto is a well-known restorer in our community and runs an excellent operation. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting it a few times, when visiting my friends next door. I saw this car in process and its such a neat car. Good luck with the auction


Nice! My own ’59 Super Coupe’s VIN suggests it was built 91 units after this one. I’m on my third ’59 Coupe, so when one shows up here I’m very interested. I believe one of my previous cars fell about midway between my current car and this one in the VIN sequence.



It is an absolutely beautiful car. I recognize it’s worth is more than my bid amount thus far. I was in the market for a low mileage 2017/2018 C4S. but something made me want this more. I won’t park a car, I will drive if. Regardless of cost/worth..Love the background story and that 1972 Kennedy Half dollar means something..I was born in 72′. I was in the restaurant and sat in the same booth JFK Jr sat in on Cape Cod minutes after he went down in the plane crash. I was just out of the 101st Airborne on a 4 yr tour and perhaps TMI for BAT, but I feel that the more info shared is appreciated. Hopefully, I will bring this car to CT and zip around the Cape this summer. My very sweet and understanding wife will happily have our 5 kids in the SUV..The cool stories these old cars have makes me wish they could talk…

Brian S. 

I happen to be the owner of this beautiful 356. First off, let me start off by saying I appreciate everyone’s comments and opinions on the forum. I’ve never sold a car through BAT and I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m happy with the experience thus far.
Secondly, I’ve trusted Tom and his team to sell the car that they proudly brought back to life with the consignment. It’s been a tough decision to even sell and every time I view the ad, I already experience sellers remorse.
I don’t want to be long winded but I just wanted to add a few back stories to the car that I’ve been able to research while having ownership of the 356. This is an original CA car. I tracked ownership back to about 1974. At that time it was owned by a husband and wife in Woodland Hills, CA. He was a guitar player in the band The Grass Roots and she was an actress. She purchased the car for him from an LA Still Photographer that she met on a movie set at the time. I’ve spoken to both of them recently and they cannot remember the name of the LA Photographer. The fact that there’s a 1972 Kennedy half dollar on the shift knob remains a mystery as well. It was on it when they bought it. The couple later divorced, he still owned when he moved to N Carolina. He sold it about 10-15 years ago when he was moving to Hawaii.
Ironically, the first show we did with the 356, my wife drove it and I had my 70 Boss. When we were setting everything up, the DJ was playing the Grass Roots song – Midnight Confession. I video taped it and sent to previous owner, he got a kick out of it. BTW my wife and the 356 got a better trophy than me and the Boss.
We absolutely love the car, we have about 12 cars in our collection and this is definitely our nicest. The 356’s love to be driven, they don’t like to sit. Living in NJ, she sits on occasions due to weather. I sent the car to Tom to get her tuned up, and being winter here in NJ, we decided to test the market. If she doesn’t sell this auction, it will tell us that we shouldn’t sell it and she’ll come back home and we’ll enjoy her some more. If she sells, we just hope that the new owner enjoys her as much as we have.
This is an expensive car. I’m not going to tell people what to do. If you’re comfortable buying a car without touching it, smelling it and driving it, well that’s a decision you’ll have to make. If you want to see it in person, Tom will surely help you out with that.


I can tell you that I’ve seen this car in person and have had some dealings with tom. First the car is gorgeous. But I’d be the first to admit that can be subjective. So, as Tom has said along with others, either go out and inspect the car or have a PPI completed. For Tom, I’ve meet him on a number of occasions at his shop over the last 10 years or so. Our interaction has been many conversations about my Porsche 912 and Tom making several suggestions how to do things. I’ve found him to be a very likeable guy, that comes across as very knowledgeable and the most important thing to me, HONEST…. Just my 2cents from a guy in the area of Tom’s shop….


Seller – Tom Nelson is awesome! He is currently restoring 2 cars for me (59 Cab) and (70 911T). Very honest, knowledgeable and good guy to deal with on restoration. I have not seen this car in person but if it looks like my 59 cab does right now…It is likely to be amazing. GLWTA Tom! I love the color combo!


For anyone interested in this car I can assure you would be purchasing from a very knowledgeable and honest individual. I purchased my ‘61B from Tom and he has been great to work with both prior to and after the sale. You will be getting a quality car by an individual who is experienced in bringing these great cars back to life.


Ditto to the @cricketseed post. I’ve seen it in person & it’s even prettier than the pictures. I live in Raleigh, so if anyone needs something specific looked at, let me know. Just be aware that I’ll be at Amelia Island until Monday.

 5 Star Review by Truthful Transport: 

We have shipped many Porches for them and all of the customers rave about Tom's craftsmanship. He is truly talented at what he does.



Tom did some metal repair work for me. He's honest, reliable, stays in touch over the course of the job, and the quality of the work is great.



Tom Nelson, the owner and proprietor provided great customer service and was very forthright with me about the vehicle I purchased from him. The vehicle at the time of test drive had a huge crack in the windshield and would not have passed inspection on my Military Post to receive approved DOD credential post entrance sticker... Tom had the windshield replaced. If you are straight with Tom he will work with you. This is well run small business of integrity. The car I purchased ran great, I received a detailed Car Fax, and knew of the maintenance required to keep it running which was expected and minimal for a high mileage car. This is the best used car lot in the Capital Boulevard area. I have nothing but love for Tom and TJ Auto.


We recently purchased a 2004 Chevy Silverado from Tom. Not only was the truck in great condition, but the price and mileage were unbeatable. If we wanted a truck under 80,000 miles, we would have had to gone to another state!

Tom was very friendly, extremely personable and honest, and made us feel like we've been friends for years. He was up-front about everything, and was very flexible with our ever changing schedule. He guaranteed us, along with a warranty, if we needed any repairs done that he would personally see to it that he fixes them.

We will definitely continue support his company because he is not only concerned about his business thriving, but he truly pulls out all stops for his customers. You dont get a A+ from the BBB for nothing (yes, we researched thoroughly).

We are beyond pleased with our new truck, and are looking forward to purchasing another vehicle from him!


 Tom is a great guy. Very knowledgeable, honest. Loved working with him

Buyer: vasqular 

1 Porsche 911 T

Always great service

Buyer: carreramotorsport  



As described, Tom is easy to deal with------A+

1969 Buick Gran Sport 400 Convertible GS400




 1974 HONDA XL 70 XL70 TRAIL 70

Gentle and helpful seller. A fun to deal with. Many thanks from Germany


 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia