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Auto Body Repair & Frame Restoration

All repairs and work are done to insure that our cars look, run and drive just as if they had come off the factory line.
We use a rotisserie for complete body metal restoration for the installation of floor pans, battery box and b-pillar repair is done while enabling access to difficult to reach areas. Lead is then used in the same areas as the factory applied on the seams and where panels have been replaced. 

Auto Mechanical Restoration. Engine, brakes and the transmission are disassembled. Each part is examined and determined whether it is to be rebuilt or replaced. Each part is cleaned and inspected and refinished prior to reassembly.

Engines are disassembled and determined the extent of rebuild necessary. After rebuild, engines are placed on an engine run stand and started and run to sort out engine timing, carburetor adjustment and to secure/ tighten all oil line connections. 


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