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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1924 Ford Model T

Service performed: install fuel petcock, charge battery, check oil level, check spark plugs, petcock of radiator leaks; turn engine over to try to start the car; remove and clean carburetor, install carburetor, remove spark plugs: no compression.
Engine diagnostic: leak down test. It needs rebuilding.
Engine tear down, drain radiator, remove head, remove valve keepers, engine disassembly, set valve lash.
Set and install valves, adjust lash, lap valves in, head on, check valves, intake and exhaust on, check firing of coils, one good, three bad, check firing circuit, install coils; get running.
Disassemble each wheel, grease bearings, test inner tubes, check brakes; hooked up headlights, taillight wiring; hooked up rear running light, run ground, steering column bolts, install carb heater, grease rear and steering column; change inner tubes, adjust bands; install clutch piece, install cotter keys; adjust bands-brake and reverse. T
Test drive, no magneto diagnosis, drain engine oil; install magneto contact, magneto diagnostic; engine out, pan off, found missing piece, transmission out, coil plate off.
Install new brass screws for magneto and Loctite plates; check magnets, mount magneto plate, test heights shim, peen brass screws, prep covers, clean old gasket material, paint the pan and hogs head shims, mount tranny to engine, set space between coil plate and magnets with shims, assembly tranny.
Remove pan and transmission, remove coil plate, remove rear main cap, measure crank; rear main cap fitment, check front cap, torque caps, check clearance for coil plate, engine assembly, pan on, install in model t, assembly in car, starter on, carburetor on, fan on, bands on, pedals in, connect brake handle; connect drive shaft, hand crank on, generator on; distributor on; assembly, firewall in, wiring electrical engine, engine mounts on, test start; install radiator, fill with water, install battery, attach hood, adjust bands, seal starter, dash wiring, new fuel, reseal hogs head, starter, starter cover, install new felts, get running, drive adjust bands. Reseal hogs head, new gaskets, prepare, prime and paint trunk lid, install hood, run cables for lights. Test drive.

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