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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1949 Ford F1 PICK UP

Compression check: engine needs rebuilding. Remove engine, disassembly and drop off at machine shop. Remove transmission, needs rebuilding. Prepare engine for installation, install fuel tank, water pump, alternator, front damper. Clean, degrease, sand and prepare engine compartment for paint. Set timing, paint flywheel cover. Paint engine compartment. Install engine, set timing, couple to transmission, connect torque converter to flex plate, fit heater hoses. Fabricate fuel line. Get truck running. Front floor rusty: cut it, fit up new floor, weld, seam sealer, undercoating. Install riv nuts on transmission cover; remove old accel. from firewall and old shifter, install shifter and linkage and paint tunnel cover, install transmission shifter, check carburetor. Get running. Mount seat, install door lock, repair passenger side door latch, install gauges, sort and clean up wiring. Wet sand 3000 grit and polish car.
Run negative cable kill switch, push button start and horn. Passenger side window disassembly and assembly.
Rebuild driver side vent window. Remove windshield, install st. wheel. Replace headlights harness both sides. Install windshield. Replace brake switch. All lights working!. Install nut on shifter linkage, new thermostat. Get running.
Parts replace: water pump gasket, water pump gasket to block, motor mount, carburetor gasket, oil filter, seven hose clamps, heater hose, steel fuel line and fittings. Oil pressure switch. Fuel pump. Riv nuts and hardware, seat hardware, temperature sensor, negative ground cable, push button start switch, race car power on/off kill switch. Two headlight harnesses, one headlight. Windshield, brake switch, battery, thermostat, battery hold down.

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