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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1957 Ford T-Bird

Degrease underneath, clean rear part of car underneath, degrease front axle and power wash. Remove front drum brakes and ball joints, paint axle parts black. Clean driver side front end, prepare for disc brake installation, clean and disassemble passenger front. Paint driver side front end. Remove car brake lines; wire brush and roloc rear axle, degrease & paint. Install rear brake lines. Install front suspension parts including ball joints. Installation of disc brake kit. New brake lines. Front end disassembly passenger side install brake lines front, unions. Disassemble passenger side lower control arm, remove bushings, press bushings in. Pack wheel bearings on discs, install coil springs torque front ends suspension bolts, install front discs. Degrease front end, insert front a arm control bushings upper. Set up disc brakes. Install fuel pump, check torque, check disc brakes clearance, brake line to booster, drain radiator. Bleed brakes, check for leaks, install sway bar link, paint drums. Change out fuel pump, install new, get running. Run new brake lines for power booster, bleed brakes after rerouting brake lines, put on p/s ram cylinder. Remove, clean and paint pan and transmission. Install engine and transmission pan gas. Check for leaks. Test drive.

Parts replaced: Sway bar links, upper and lower radiator hose, hose for booster, rear brake lines, front suspension parts, coil springs, fuel pump, transmission pan gasket.

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