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919-522-4412 / 919-641-0230 

1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1964 Karmann Ghia Coupe

Compression check, tuning of engine, gas tank replacement, install sender and tank, rebuild carburetor; diagnostic: engine needs rebuilding. Remove engine, disassembly, degrease and drop it off at machine shop.
Fix turn signal; remove shocks, clean block, clean engine parts, media blast, paint dog house. Remove, degrease and media blast heads, walnut blast. Jugs measure, disassemble degrease jugs.
Weld in front t/s lower panel, headlight bucket. Weld headlight ring, grind; welds on front t/s patches. Metal work on tire well, grind welds up front; body work; rear battery tray weld in; metal work rear fenders patches driver side, inner fender panel fabrication, weld + filler; weld driver rear at bumper. Bracket. Metal work on passenger side; remove and replace passenger side rear fender quarter. Weld inner passenger rear quarter, filler. Sand and metal work rear quarter driver side panel . Floor replacement cut out, fitment, floor pan weld in. Wet sand body with 600 grit, prepare for clear coat, wet sand. Grind welds of floor. Prepare engine bay area for paint, body work. Body work on front nose, put in primer; prepare front end for paint, paint front blue, paint with clear coat. Wet sand body after clear coat, wet sand 1500 grit. Polish. Remove and replace headliner. Windshield glass: install front and rear glass, install aluminum trim on rear. Reset rear window. WV engine metal tin clean up, paint. Test oil cooler, clean and paint, install oil cooler. Engine back, prepare for assembly, (generator and fan and other misc. parts). Install clutch and pleasure plate; straighten engine tin, sandblast, paint with clear blocked heat riser tube in manifold. Assemble exhaust, pulley, fan shroud, engine assembly, engine tin assembly, coil, wires, distributor, linkage.
Prepare engine compartment, install shocks, install rubber surround engine compartment, clean; install sound deadener, finish welding pans, install axle boots. Grind and paint underneath. Install engine, throttle cable, engine seal, clean up wiring, install voltage regulator; check starter; mount and balance tires. Get running; polarize generator and voltage regulator; sort wires to running to rear of car; check lights, fix brake lights, headlights, install, clean, fix brake leak at reservoir, install air cleaner, install weather-strip aluminum on headliner, bleed brakes, paint passenger side floor, topped of tranny, rebuild brakes, repack bearings, bleed. Replace master cylinder, new brake line, bleed; fix steering column and turn signal, adjust rear brakes, tire alignment, install mirror, install tie rod, rag joint. Test drive.

Parts replaced: Piston set. 8 exhaust nuts, 2 clamps, 1 chrome pulley and nut, spacer for carb, heat riser tube, exhaust tips, transmission mounts, shock bolts, nuts and lock washers, engine rubber, upper piece, axle bolts, brake kit, master cylinder, 12V Bosch generator.

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