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1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible


The 1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible arrived at TJ Auto as an iconic yet faded canvas, ready to be transformed into a masterpiece of classic automotive art. Our mission: to conduct an exhaustive bodywork and paint restoration that honors the Mustang's heritage. We began with the rods, painting them to match the body color, followed by removing and refurbishing the engine brackets through media blasting, painting, and applying a clear coat for lasting protection.

Our attention to detail was paramount as we installed the windshield, carefully polishing and aligning the stainless molding to perfection. The window trim was meticulously set, and the doors were adjusted and aligned, with the passenger door receiving a full rebuild and hinge restoration. We prepared the engine bay for the heart of the Mustang, ensuring a seamless installation.

The rear of the vehicle required precise bodywork to fit the bumper caps and valence, complementing the overall sleek silhouette. Each panel was prepared and painted with a discerning eye, using 8608 Ditz and 90011 PPG single-stage paint for an impeccable finish. The passenger side front fender was assembled and the entire car was methodically sanded and buffed, bringing out a luster worthy of this Mustang's legacy.

Underneath the beauty, we fabricated and welded in driver rear supports and adjusted the door heights for perfect closure. The exhaust system was hung with precision, and interior elements were prepared for painting in a crisp white, adding a fresh and clean touch to the classic design.

As we neared completion, the front and rear bumpers were installed, door seals were put in place, and all moldings were carefully fitted. The steering column, steering wheel, and horns were stripped, primed, and painted, while the interior parts were sandblasted and coated to match. The fuzzy strips on the rear interior panels were attended to, and the doors and dash received a flawless coat of flat latex white.

The final steps included assembling the windshield chrome, installing the vent windows, door seals, and quarter windows, and adjusting each component to ensure smooth operation. The trunk lid and bumper were fixed and painted, and the wheel wells received their final color touch-up. Our project culminated with a meticulous polish of the entire car, ensuring every curve and line gleamed under the "final inspection."

This 1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible now stands as a shining testament to TJ Auto's commitment to restoration excellence, with every inch reflecting the passion and precision that is the hallmark of our work.

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