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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577


Strip paint off body, hood, doors, (outer and inner) ; sandblast parts of body, frames and window frames, prepare for etching primer.
Remove engine and transmission from car, degrease. Drop off transfer case to rebuilder. Install driver side rear quarter. Clean, power wire wheel underneath, scrape grease, sand, degrease, wire wheel chassis and frame.
Metal work on: passenger side rear, quarter panel, fender, driver side front floor pan. Placement of side metal for floor, fit up of inner and outer rocker and floor where it meets firewall. Set with screws. Replace passenger with for new metal by removing all old metal floor and inner and outer rocker by cutting the spot, weld and grinding off the metal; remove passenger side fender, grind bolts holding fender on. Placement of passenger side metal for floor. Passenger side metal work, screwing panels after placement, also fit out passenger side door; grind off inside engine compartment, degrease front axle. Doors skin replacement on passenger and driver side. Mount and install passenger side door skin. Fit up of doors and fenders alignment prior to welding floor, check gaps on A & B pillar, tack weld in place. Weld on passenger side floor, tub/weld front of floor pan to body, check door fit. Fit driver door to fender, check door gap, check B pillar gap, make fit rear fenders, welding them on, drill holes for welds, B pillar holes. Mount fenders, fit new grill to fenders, weld driver side rocket, fix rust hole, grind welds on floor.

Body work. Grind, sand, wire burst bed bottom. Paint with Etching primer two coats. Body work. Doors on to car, door gap fitment both sides. Hood to fender, remake mounting flange of fender. Door to fender to hood alignment, grill to fender, body work on grill to match front fenders. Body work on engine compartment, primer. Install body bushings, body lift kit. Grind welds inside tube/floor board area; sand and grind, prepare chassis for paint. Tailgate body work, fill in spot welds, tailgate in primer. Radiator mount location, mount radiator, weld in radiator supports. Mount engine mounts.

​ Body work, straighten out panels, block, fill, re-prime. Body off of frame, power wash, clean and paint. Install engine into chassis, paint body undercoat underneath. Paint body and body parts. Install pilot bushing in transmission; remount and torque clutch plate, install transfer case support to frame. Suspension build, remove rear axle from springs and replace them. Install rear brakes on rear differential, begin assembly passenger front. Paint chassis black. Change front brake line holders, holes in body for gas neck. Paint engine compartment matte black. Mount steering box. Mount body on frame, install frame to body kit and lift kit. Wet sand body, fenders, doors, window frames, grill and miscellaneous. Install pinion seals on front and rear differentials; check fluids, remove shifter linkage for 4wd and work with hinge pin run tap through threads on transmission, remount shifter linkage assembly, clutch assembly check movement; rebuild brake calipers, remove rear axle, cut off brackets, remount check for alignment; weld rear differential, check angle, prepare and paint rear differential; bleed and adjust brake pedal shaft; assemble rear axle, install rear brakes, weld rear bolts, weld front hole in frame, install decals, install scripts, install steering wheel and hub reconnect steering wiring, install breather for front axle, install clip parking brake.

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