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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1966 Karmann Ghia

Replace floors. Lay out seats, jack spurs, seat reinforcement, weld seat tracks, remove bolt, weld in accelerator. Power wash tranny, remove and replace broken bolt.

Cut out rear section, fit in new section, metal work, driver rear fender fit up. Rear body work and metal work on rear driver side. Cut off front end for replacement. Front end fit up, fit front nose: metal work, weld, grind. Prepare car for installation on rusted areas of lower front fenders where turn signal lights go on both sides. Cut and fabricate piece for passenger side turn signal light, cut and weld in, grind. Weld driver side rocker, weld rocker in front of rear wheel, weld turn signal driver side pound out dents. Straighten dents, weld passenger rocker, weld behind rear wheel, straighten rear shelf, clean under fenders, fix dent in front of passenger rear wheel.
Metal work, clean under fenders, pull dents, weld holes in body near molding, straighten rear valence. Align and weld air ducts, finish welding on body; straighten dents, tops of front fenders, work on engine lid, passenger side door; cut bottom of door off, fit new panel, clean paint off rear trunk lid, weld patch lower rocker passenger side, driver door: straighten, media blast passenger side door, fitment, straighten lead. Weld in front spare tire bottom, grind welds, body work on front passenger side, finish welding panel in front. Cut near mounts so body will fit better and bolt holes line up; remove body from chassis. Body work, door gaps and alignment.
Body work on doors, engine lid, hood. Apply etching primer, sand and block, straighten panels, install and finish front wheel well place metal, continue with body work. Fit engine lid with seals, block doors, body, engine lid, hood. Paint, block, wet sand and polish.

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