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919-522-4412 / 919-641-0230 

1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577


Engine diagnostic, compression check, removal from car and put on stand, disassemble, clean engine parts, degrease, media blasting. Prepare and prime cleaner and starter. Paint engine parts with satin black. Drop of engine to machine shop for rebuilding.
Degrease and clean underneath the car. Remove shocks, exhaust, gas tank and drain gas tank, remove wheels, tape up car with plastic and paint underneath with undercoat paint.
Pick up engine from machine shop. Engine assembly, set timing. Bleed brakes/dipstick. Install exhaust brackets and hood. Remove interior. Cut out passenger side floor, fit new floor, screw in floor, fitment for welding, weld passenger side floor.
Cut out driver side floor, fitment, weld in new floor. Install speakers, carpet and seats. Wash and detail car.

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