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1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577


Engine out, diagnostic (compression/leak down), degrease and detail. Install disc brakes. Clean and paint engine tin. Clean and paint engine parts, assembly engine. Mount flywheels, adjust valves, install axles. Install new muffler, pipes and tin. Remove and install new upper and lower ball joints, tide rod ends. Install new shocks. Install engine. Install dual zone master cylinder, install steering wheel/ speedo cable. Install new carburetor and tune. Dismount the tires, balance and mount the 4 wall tires.
Remove and replace rear interior panels. Install interior rubber strips on passenger door and both rear quarter window.
Fix driver side rear quarter window guide, reinstall both quarters windows after rubber strips installed.
Remove and replace and re-adjust hand brake. Replace broken bolt with new bolt and lock nut. Install new door window riser handles, replace screws on rear window riser handles with correct 5mm countersunk head machine screws. Test drive.

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