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919-522-4412 / 919-641-0230 / 919-631-2836

1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577


Replace high side hose and both expansion valve o rings. Check transmission operation: transmission shifts late and harsh on 1-2 shift. Adjust throttle valve cable. Wheels off, caliper off, rotor off passenger side.
Remove and replace gas tank. Passenger front end, ball joints off, tie rod ends, front end rebuild, rear brakes rebuild, fuel lines hooked up. Replace pan gasket, hand brake cable, gas vent. Bleed brakes, install cover gaskets, adjust parking brake, check gas gauge. Test Drive.
Car on lift, leak detection; steering box off, pitman arm off. Clean steering box and re-install it. Pan basket, tail shaft seal, check for leaks. Test drive

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