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919-522-4412 / 919-641-0230 

1737  Swift Creek Rd,  Smithfield, NC 27577

1972 Chevy Camaro Z28

Initial Compression check, diagnose problem-no compression in one cylinder. Also lower end engine knock-on main bearings.
Drain water and oil from engine, remove all bolts for engine removal, remove engine; engine disassembly; bring flywheel to machine shop for resurfacing.
Engine is back, prepare for engine installation, clean exhaust manifold and spark plugs threads, spark plugs go in, intake manifold bolts torqued, align clutch, install clutch. Full engine assembly and installation.
Start engine, tachometer, wire in new gauges-temp, oil pressure and volt gauges; set timing, adjust and set carburetor. Finish engine installation, wash car, check and adjust rear breaks, top off tranny fluid, install speedo cable, test drive.

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