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 We pulled engine out, disassembly machine and drop it off at machine shop. Remove transmission, clean it and rebuild it. Remove paint off the body. Painted with clear. Clean up engine brackets, paint engine parts. Pick up engine rebuilt from machine shop, mount engine on stand, remove old intake, remount intake manifold, remove exhaust manifolds, mount headers, install header with new stainless steel bolts, valve covers and gaskets, timing cover gasket, clean underneath chassis, front suspension, paint chassis black, engine assembly, engine installation, o2 sensor, transmission installation, alternator, sniper, replace fuel lines, new fuel pump and filter, fuel line, heater hoses, ground, install distributor, install drive shaft, temperature sensor for sniper, engine assembly, transmission lines, exhaust assembly, wiring assembly, seats fitment, install swivel seat base, air cleaner, install PVC and steering wheel. Install exhaust. Van assembly, seats buckets, shroud and fan installation, condenser, door and window seals, prepare, paint & install valences, bumpers. prepare & paint grill and headlight, bezels, parking and rear lights in, door panels on, install seats, throttle linkage, fix intake oil leak, clean up spark plug wires; install battery, adjust timing, sort engine wiring, connect gauges, install a/c, fix antenna, transmission kick down cable installed.

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