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1952 MGTD

Description: diagnose steering wheel problem, order bushing, master cylinder access, oil change, bleed brakes, replace battery, check lights follow by test drive

Parts replaced: Steering seal, oil filter, battery.


Description: Remove master cylinder, bench bleed master cylinder, remove all brake drums for visual inspection, right front wheel broken hardware, install a new one, adjust brakes, bleed brakes. Disassemble and paint front end parts, front end assembly, torque to spec, grease up, alignment, air pressure on tires, set, bleed brakes follow by Test drive.

1968 Ford Mustang

Description: Diagnostic, install power steering pump and hoses, replace strut bushing, power steering line, electrical, pinion seal, rear wheel seal. Remove and replace steering ram and valve.

1966 FORD Galaxy    

Description: Replace gas tank, sender installation, test sender; replace rear brake hose, transmission pan gasket, valve covers, sway bar links and bushing, strut rod bushings, add engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid. Replace fuel line, install voltage regulator, heater hose. Rebuild, install and adjust carburetor, remove drums and check and adjust brakes. Hook up heat riser, make choke line. Install electric choke, new gas pedal cable follow by Test drive.


Description: Replace high pressure power steering line, replace output shaft seal transfer, case, transmission pan service. Install valve cover gaskets, clean, check front end, adjust idle follow by Test drive.

Parts replaced: transmission pan gasket and filter, power steering line, transfer case top off gear oil.


Description: Customer states that engine idles fast, perform engine diagnostic, compression check, set carbs, check timing, check and adjust valve lash.

1993 Chevy Corvette 40th Anniversary Edition


Diagnostic. Check injectors, test injectors, diagnose 8 bad injectors, verify fuel pressure, check fuel rail, return line clear. Install 8 new injectors, re-install fuel rails and return line clear; diagnose bad brake master cylinder, leaking at rear of m/c onto brake booster, install new master cylinder, bleed brakes, install alternator; test drive

1979 Lincoln Continental

Description:  Replace master cylinder, check rear brakes, test drive


Description:  Check timing, check and sync carburetors, disconnect linkage, adjust idle, reconnect linkage, adjust choke, test drive: check for possible clutch/rotational noise-not currently evident. Test drive

1969 FORD F-100 TRUCK

Description:  Change fuel pump, adjust belts, change hose clamps.



Description:  Complete mechanical diagnostic; rebuild carburetor; replace needle valve, set idle; clean up wiring,

set timing. Wire up oil pressure and oil temperature gauge; set wheel bearings, fix brake shoe, fix brake and taillights; sort wiring, replace speedo cable. Test drive

1976 VW BUS

Description: Compression check, results: Cylinder 1 (pass front): 25 psi; we ran compression check twice on this cylinder and came up with the same result of 25psi; Cylinder 2 (pass rear): 130psi; cylinder 3 (driver front): 110 psi; Cylinder 4 (driver rear): 125psi. Get running, set timing, distributor loose, replace valve cover gasket, adjust idle, battery out. Plugs gap, adjust valves, set timing, replace valve cover, drill our broken exhaust stud, tap, install new stubs, install exhaust, fix sink, get running.

1966 Ford Mustang 

Description: Diagnostic; remove plugs, distributor, (bad injector), reset timing, test drive. Installation of sniper and EFI. Test drive.